Inherit The Past And Inspire The Future

The HKCA 100th Anniversary Gala Dinner

The theme of HKCA 100th Anniversary Gala Dinner is “Inherit The Past And Inspire The Future”. Humanity pass on knowledge to their decedents whilst exemplary role models pass on insights and lead their followers. In the ancient period, we named our exemplary model Lo Pan. Since the establishment of our Association, we are led by our forefathers who handed over the leadership generation after generation. Today, our next generation are YMS members and students in our HKCA PLK School.

****Due to the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and to further protect the health and safety of all participants, the Association has decided to cancel the Gala Dinner.

Lo Pan Patron

Traditional sam hong workers worship a common deity, Lo Pan, who is revered the Master Craftsman. The Lilou chapter of the Book of Mencius sates: “Despite Li Lou′s sharp eyes and Master Gongshu′s skills, it is impossible to draw squares and circles without a compass and a ruler.” An expert in architecture and crafts, Lo Pan invented a good number of construction techniques and tools, namely the ruler, ink marker, plane and shovel, etc. Construction techniques invented by him included the bridge, pavilion, terrace and storied building, etc.

The first symbol of solidarity among Hong Kong′s sam hong workers was Lo Pan Temple built in 1884 at Ching Lin Terrace in Sai Wan - Kwong Yuet Tong. As there were not enough carpenters at the time, solidarity based on clanship or geographical origin was too weak to wield influence. To give a boost to these trades, they celebrated in a grand manner Lo Pan′s birthday on 13th June of the lunar calendar. The Chinese traditional value of honouring the teacher and respect truth were used as the foundation for the gathering, allowing the trades to widen their recruitment base. They forged alliances, helping and supporting each other.

In the west, there is similar icon of Lo Pan. Saint Joseph is a biblical figure who is believed to have been the corporeal father of Jesus Christ. St Joseph, the Worker is a patron saint of the catholic church. He is a carpenter who lived and worked in Nazareth.