Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of HKCA


  1. Lead the industry to contribute to the City

    • Lead the industry to contribute to Hong Kong continually
    • Forge cohesion amongst main contractors and other industry stakeholders to strive for improvements
  2. Together we build a better Hong Kong

    • Promote to the general public, especially the youth, and help them understand our Association, main contractors and the construction industry
    • To work together with Hongkongers to make Hong Kong a better place in the next century


Built over a Century, Build for the Future

Built over a Century

  • HKCA, being the construction organization with the longest history in Hong Kong, is part of the evolution that transformed the place it is now over the years
  • The construction industry has always been an integral part of Hong Kong′s ongoing success story
  • The history of the construction industry in Hong Kong can best be seen in the context of efficiency brought about by all those completed infrastructure, facilities and buildings that supported our successive economic advancement

Celebration Activities

Build for the Future

  • Construction sector remains a major source of local employment, an essential service to maintain and improve living conditions, and to support urban renewal
  • Adoption of innovation and technology to improve productivity is high on the industry′s agenda. The industry is looking for solutions to improve efficiency and maintain capacity at a time when our workforce is aging rapidly. All these create great opportunities for the young generation

Celebration Activities